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    New Applicant

    We are always looking for passionate, positive, hard working, like minded individuals to join our team. We continuously strive to foster a team dedicated to a common purpose: creating meaningful spaces, products and experiences through a focus on excellence to our craft.

    The best idea, the hardest workers, the biggest contributors will grow and thrive on our team. We share values of hustle over talent, and merit over tenure. We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses. We sell happiness and have fun doing it. We are hyper-focused on hospitality and creating welcoming community spaces. We believe that our culture drives our success and that our team drives our culture.

    If this resonates with you and sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, tell us why.
    Team TapRoom


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      TapRoom Fundraiser Hosting

      Let us host your fundraiser! We will donate 20% of sales (both food & drinks) from each ticket to your organization while drawing awareness of your cause.

      The Charity will Receive

      The Venue

      The charity will have the venue for the night to promote their organization and what they are all about. Our regular customers will be exposed to your charity, and you should take advantage of this by promoting your organization / cause to all the friendly new faces. Please note: we request that you do not solicit to customers while they walk in the restaurant or as they are sitting down at their table. You will have a designated table to display any promotional material but please let the customers come to you. We’ve have had many complaints people feeling solicited so please respect this policy.

      Marketing / Promotion

      The promotion should be a joint effort between the TapRoom and the organization. We can create the flyer and distribute to throughout various means (ie. website) to our customers, and the organization should do what they can to promote the event as well. The more people that show up, the more money will be donated to the cause.

      Ability to put Banners / Signage throughout restaurant

      Banners may be placed inside the restaurant as well as out front to display. Feel free to bring in any promotional material that you have.

      Other Resources Available

      • Graphic design dept. to create & print flyers.
      • Our amazing staff 🙂

      How it Works:

      1. Non-profit emails us details of their event. (Number of expected people, proposed dates, any other details.)
      2. We decide on a date (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, possibly Thursdays all work) that works for both parties.
      3. The flyer is made (by you or us) and both parties start promoting.
      4. Customers bring in the printed flyer (or mention that they are here for the fundraiser).
      5. We have a successful event and raise money for your organization!

      What you can expect:

      If you bring in:

      25 people, average ticket $15, $375 sales for 20% donation of $75
      50 people, average ticket $15, $750 sales for 20% donation of $150
      75 people, average ticket $15, $1,125 sales for 20% donation of $225, you get the picture.

      Thank you for allowing us to host your organization and support your cause.

      the TapRoom team


      Gift Card Amount

      Gift Cards will be shipped to the address you specify at checkout. If you have any questions please email: [email protected] – Thank you!

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