TapRoom is a leading San Diego Craft Beer Bar founded in the early years of the San Diego Craft Beer Revolution. With a focus on local craft beer, great food & genuine hospitality, TapRoom has established itself over the years as both a local favorite and destination for beer lovers. Located just 5 blocks from the beach in beautiful Pacific Beach, you can enjoy some world class beer before or after you soak in the rays. Large groups welcome as well as you solo peeps looking to grab a beer & some grub. Our patio is dog friendly as well, woof woof. Last but not least, we offer our full menu for delivery, so give us a call and we’ll come to you. We look forward to showing you a great time, Cheers!!



Our Philosophy on Beer Serving:

We have a “Brewery to Glass” philosophy when it comes to beer, meaning we make sure every drop of beer that we purvey is of the same quality & freshness of the brewery that created it.  In order ensure this, we have a standards that we adhere to religiously including cleaning our beer lines after every new beer (or sooner), storing our kegs cold from the second they are dropped off, and never letting our beer come in contact with anything other than 305 stainless steel, ultra clean beer lines, & your glass. We use a high temp glass washer for all of our glasses ensuring they never come in contact with any detergents that could effect the taste of the beer.  Come and taste the difference, and let our cicerone certified beer ninjas guide you through the ultimate craft beer experience. Cheers!


Our Philosophy on the Beer we Brew:

We brew premium quality beers across a broad range of styles and flavors. From classic styles to new era ales, lagers, & experimental beers, we believe tradition and innovation can coexist. We create everything in the spirit of collaboration, innovation, independence and tradition. We brew beers that we want to make, & drink, as brewers, as beer lovers and as advocates of exceptional beer. Our beers have soul, passion, pride & meaning, which we believe comes through in the finished product. We draw inspiration from life, art, culture, experiences & our peers. We brew for our friends, our neighbors, our community, our family, and for strangers. And we brew for ourselves. It is our art. It is our love and passion. We hope you enjoy,



Our Story:

TapRoom was founded in 2006 by San Diego Natives Kyle & Kevin Conover. Growing up in the emerging San Diego beer scene, brothers took their passion and industry experience to create one of San Diego’s first craft beer bars focused exclusively on local San Diego beer.

Since 2006 TapRoom has provisioned local craft beer paired with elevated pub fare in a casual welcoming neighborhood environment. “Our goal was to create a longstanding San Diego neighborhood establishment that would serve the community and promote San Diego craft beer”.

In 2019 brothers enlisted the talent of industry veteran Bill Batten to lead brewery operations at a new location in North Park, San Diego. With over 15 years of experience at some of the most prestigious breweries including Alesmith and Mikkeller we knew that he would have both the technical ability & creativity to create something special. Bill’s passion and dedication to the craft are second to none and we knew this would be a perfect fit. “The stars aligned and the choice was a no brainer”.

In 2022 TRBC brought on former head brewer of Mikkeller, Daniel Cady, as head brewer of TRBC. With years of experience brewing a wide range of styles as well as numerous awards under his barrel aging program, Cady brings both a technical prowess and a level of creativity that creates for a very unique skillset. 



Are Kids Allowed?
Yes, we are primarily a restaurant that focuses on craft beer in a family friendly environment.

Can we bring in our own bottle of wine or beer?
Yes, we do however charge a $10 corkage fee.

Are you dog friendly?
Yes, we have a dog friendly patio and even have a dog menu!

Do you show sports?
Yes, we have 11 tv’s and a 10′ projector and subscribe to all the major sports channels.

Are you good for large parties?
Absolutely, we have large community tables that are great for large parties. We recommend reservations for large parties which you can make here